We are not just concerned about the transportation of people to the events. In addition to renting vans, buses and minibuses, our services include welcome service at the airports, coordinators at the entrance and exit of hotels, conferences and restaurants.
When a company hires our services, it is hiring a complete package, which includes trained, well-dressed and cordial drivers, equipped with two-way radios (Nextel); event coordinators and an entire infrastructure focused on the successful progress of your event.

Special Offers

When a quote for a special offer is requested, we offer the customer a great option of prices and services, and recommend companies responsible for developing the visual communication of the product.
All this structure was developed for the convenience of our customers, seeking to adapt the company’s budget to the requested service.

Transportation of Employees

Invest in the satisfaction and increased productivity of your employees! Taking and bringing them back from work on a daily basis with comfort and safety.
My Life uses modern and super-equipped vans, buses and minibuses to meet your needs.

Transfer Service

In order to make mobility easier, we have vans, buses and minibuses of your choice for the different types of transfers within and outside of São Paulo.

Conferences and Fairs

My Life accurately serves several companies, providing transfer services to fairs and conferences that take place in São Paulo. Through a complete infrastructure, it is possible to make an excellent impression to your employees, and your customers from Brazil and abroad.
We have the latest vans, buses and minibuses. Our vans feature leather seats, minibar, DVD player and executive standard tinted window film. Our drivers are always well-dressed and equipped with two-way radios or cell phones, and are duly trained to meet your company’s needs with great efficiency and punctuality.

Welcome Service at Airports

Are you traveling with your family or on business? Don’t worry about your transfer and luggage to the airport. We will take care of it for you. My Life will pick you up at your residence or company to take you to the airport with safety, comfort, and above all, punctuality. We also provide welcome service at airports, with bilingual agents, who will be holding identification plates with the company logo, or the name of the visitor to be taken to the vehicle.
The vehicle made available will be driven by a trained driver, who will take the visitor with total safety. For this service, we can use executive cars, vans, buses or minibuses.
*we have bilingual drivers (English and Spanish)

City Tour and Travel

Every month My Life has a special city tour planned to several destinations in Brazil. Get to know the best clubs, nightclubs, bars, music venues and the most popular restaurants in Brazil. Executive standard vans and minibuses equipped with tinted window film, which is very important for the safety of passengers, are our basic requirements, in addition to well-trained drivers, who will take you, your friends or your family, to meet the most exciting nightlife of Sao Paulo.
We have experienced tour guides, who may be bilingual or not. We also promote trips to Campos do Jordão, Guarujá, Maresias, Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba and all other tourist cities in the state of São Paulo and the southeast region of Brazil.